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no names, just words.

aren't names just words?

no name
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For now, this journal is public.

i'm tired of being ashamed of what i'm thinking and how i'm feeling. i'm tired of hiding who i am when it's controversial.

so here i am. not always mature, not always taking into consideration the feelings of others.

you may not like who i am, sometimes neither do i, but that's what needs to change. how can anyone else like me if i don't even like myself?

so the new campaign is for me. i'm working on liking myself first.

i started this journal in november, 2004 at a time when i was completely lost and even more unsure of myself. lucky for me, life has been good, i've gotten better, and i feel as if the fog in which i was living has rolled away. things are much clearer now.

graduating from college..it's a big step. i'm not really sure how to do what's next. i'm still learning.

i'm protecting myself now. tell me if you want to be added, because this is now a friends only journal.

(fyi, all comments are screened)