no name (a_speckled_rose) wrote,
no name

that meme

you know, the first entry of each month one.... i think it'll be interestingish in this my second journal

I don't usually make new year's resolutions. it's probably because of that
whole anti-tradition thing i've got going.

i've fallen into somewhat of a pattern back at school. i don't really think it's a bad one, either.

i sit in my room for hours at a time and i feel trapped. trapped in my head, trapped in my room. outside it's blinding-white. bright. but inside the light hits everything just right.

I've been strange lately. i've felt strange, but i think i've probably been strange as well. i don't know exactly why.

May subject: Hello, Stranger
I see myself as a stranger.

04:12 am
i was thinking.

July subject: dreams of life or living in a dreamworld
a recent discovery:
hours of solitude lead to much confusion. my memories are a jumble. where do the memories of life stop and the memories of characters from books begin? did these things i'm recalling happen in my dreams or while i was awake?

August subject:the motorcycle diaries
watching this movie with kristin was strange. our understanding, perception of and reactions to everything that happened in the movie were totally opposite.

note to self:
don't look at old emails.

October subject: of London
what i remember:

There were no entries this month

December subject: Would it scare you if i told you I love you?
What does it mean? Love.
how is it that i'm 21 years old and i've never been in love. what does that say about me?
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