no name (a_speckled_rose) wrote,
no name

of london

what i remember:
sept 14: talk to frohawk online, he tells me to cheer up. i am unhappy.
sept 16: someone who is thousands of miles away needs distance
i visit tate modern, it is my paradise.
i visit the Victoria and Albert museum, i am relieved.
out by myself, drinking a beer in a pub, or taking long walks, or riding the bus to places i've never been.
italy excursion, a break from myself.
dublin. much the same
back to london.
the V&A and the tate are the only things worth remembering. i love the architecture, i love the city, but i am a zombie.
i remember people being mad at me a lot. i remember being angry.
i wish i remembered more. i'm glad i remember the city, i wish i rememberd myself there. i can't help but think that a lot of my fondest memories occured in the week in spring, rather than the 3 months in fall.
how am i only happy when i'm not myself?
london is a blur. a fucked up blur that cost me friendships. which are worth more than gold.
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